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 Rules are Here

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Yume Kanae
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PostSubject: Rules are Here   Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:48 am

- No advertising. This includes advertising threads of yours. There is zero tolerance for the advertising of other websites. You will be banned.
- No double posting. There is no reason to double post. Rather than posting twice in a row, edit your first post. The only exception is when you exceed character limit.
- No posting in dead threads. If a thread has been inactive for over a month, there is no reason to post there. If you find an old thread you would like to join, PM the thread starter and ask.
- Stay on topic. This area is ROLE PLAYING only.
- Use common sense. If you thread doesn’t seem to have a plot or you don’t seem ready , your thread will be moved or possibly deleted.
- If the forum I previously created was for cheap RP,with SHORT posts,well this one will not.For a post to be "complete" you must have at least 100-150 words in it.
- As on all forums, we don't want SPAMMING (SPAM- Short Possibly Annoying Message) so you will be banned if you do.
- Also,we wouldn't mind if you would have also a character.You can register one in "Character Registration".
- If you need help,PM me or another user (that is older than you on the forum) and he/I will help you,don't do what you (just) think it may be correct.
- Don't use too many smileys,or post a message ONLY with smileys because this may be also considered SPAM.
- Have fun and...Happy posting!
- If your character dies,it can be reborn in "Character Registration".You make ANOTHER post,and rewrite there all the details from the previous one,or change the details you want,and also put at the end of the post: "REBORN".
-For a user to reborn his/her character,he must have at least 300 messages.If the user doesn't have 300 messages the character will be healed in the "Hospital".

P.S.:Those are not all the rules,so look on each SubCategory to see the forum`s rules.

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Rules are Here
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